Does your museum have a question about participating in Museums for All? Check out our list of frequently asked questions.

What does Museums for All participation entail?

Participation in Museums for All requires participating museums to offer greatly reduced general admission to individuals and families receiving food assistance, identified by showing a Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card. Admission fees can range from free to up to $3.00 per individual. Participating museums are expected to adhere to the following minimum requirements: -Offer individual admission fees ranging from free to $3.00 (USD) to individuals and families presenting an Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card, and a valid form of photo ID. -Museums for All admission rates must be offered for up to four individuals per EBT card. This admission rate must be available during all normal operating hours. -Clearly publicize participation in Museums for All by posting information about access on their websites and other collateral. -Use the approved Museums for All PR toolkit resources for branding of the program in all communications. -Train sales and front line staff appropriately to ensure good customer service to individuals and families seeking to take advantage of the Museums for All program. -Regularly report the number of visitors who utilize Museums for All admission.

Is there a fee to participate in Museums for All?

No. There is no cost to enroll in Museums for All. You just need to register your museum and adhere to the minimum guidelines listed above.

What if my museum already offers membership or other benefits to families receiving food assistance? Can we still participate?

If your museum offers benefits above and beyond the minimum benefits outlined above, such as free memberships, you may still participate in Museums for All. Requirements for communications, appropriate use of PR toolkit materials and branding, and staff training still apply.

My museum offers other programming, such as free nights and community-based programming. Does this qualify my museum to participate in Museums for All?

No. Museums for All is intended to encourage museums to offer free to $3.00 standing general admission rates to individuals and families receiving food assistance. Special-hours programming and other outreach do not meet the requirements for designation as a Museums for All participant, however we hope that this type of programming will encourage addition of Museums for All admission rates to your institution!

Are there any reporting obligations for participation?

Participating Museums for All institutions will be asked to report usage on a quarterly basis.

Who is eligible for free or discounted museum admission through Museums for All?

Participating museums must extend the Museums for All rate to any bearer of a state-issued SNAP EBT card with valid photo ID and up to three additional individuals. Participating museums may extend the rate to larger groups, or visitors with Women, Infants, & Children (WIC) cards, at their discretion.

Do patrons use the SNAP EBT card as payment?

No. The SNAP EBT cards are simply used by their bearers as identification, showing that they are eligible for the Museums for All admission rate. They must use a method your museum accepts to pay (e.g. cash, credit card, check, etc.).

Are patrons with SNAP EBT cards from other states eligible for this rate?

Yes. Museums for All aims to increase museum accessibility for everyone. Bear in mind that each state’s SNAP EBT card looks different.

Is free or reduced entry to special, fee-based exhibits required?

No, entry to museum experiences that are treated as “upcharges” (e.g., IMAX movies, special exhibitions, etc.) is not required. However, museums wishing to include admission to these activities as a part of their implementation of Museums for All are welcome to do so.

Is Museums for All participation required for ACM members? Will it affect my museum’s ability to receive a grant from IMLS?

No. Although ACM encourages its members to provide accessibilty offers, Museums for All is a voluntary program. It is not a requirement for membership in ACM. Nor is it a determining factor in IMLS’s granting decisions. IMLS believes that museum experiences should be available to everyone and that is why they are working with ACM to develop Museums for All. Participation in Museums for All can open avenues for new partnerships and fundraising opportunities within your community, however.

Can museums that don't normally charge admission participate in Museums for All?

Yes. Any museum is welcome to participate in Museums for All, by submitting a registration. Participation in Museums for All is a step in making an active invitation to your community, letting them know that the museum is for everyone. It's not required, but museums that don't normally charge admission can also search for some other benefit to offer Museums for All visitors.